Introduction of yucca powder

[Chinese name] Yucca powder

[English name] Yucca Powder

[Appearance] Brown-yellow fine powder

[Source] The stem and leaf of the genus Yucca of Agavaceae.

[Specification] Yucca saponin

[Detection method] UV

[Pharmacological effects]

1. Reduce the emission of harmful gases such as ammonia and hydrogen sulfide, and improve the environment of livestock houses

As early as 1982, it was reported in the United States that the active ingredients in yucca extract can limit the formation of ammonia in feces and improve the decomposition rate of organic matter, thereby reducing the concentration of ammonia in the air in the barn and achieving the effect of deodorization. It can reduce the amount of ammonia in feces by 40% to 60% and the amount of hydrogen sulfide by 50%.

Mechanism of action:

1) Yucca powder is a urease inhibitor. It can inhibit the activity of urease and reduce the decomposition of urea into ammonia gas

2) Promote microorganisms to convert ammonia into microbial protein, thereby reducing the production of ammonia in feces and urine

2) The macromolecules (greater than 200,000 Dalton) and sequence molecules in yucca powder can directly adsorb and combine harmful gases such as ammonia in the environment

3) Yucca powder can prevent the nitrification of nitrogen in feces and urine, so that nitrogen exists in the form of inorganic substances, thereby reducing the emission of ammonia into the air

2. Promote animal growth and improve the quality of animal products

Mechanism of action:

1) Yucca powder can reduce the concentration of ammonia, reduce the stimulation of ammonia to the intestinal tract, reduce the release of ammonia in excrement and intestinal tract, and improve the living environment of animals.

2) Yucca powder reduces the proliferation of intestinal tissue in animals, slows its renewal, and reduces the consumption of energy, protein and oxygen.

3) Yucca powder also has certain biological activity, which can stimulate anaerobic fermentation, promote rumen fermentation, increase microbial protein synthesis, and improve meat quality.

3. Promote the digestion and absorption of feed nutrients and improve feed compensation

Mechanism of action:

1) Yucca powder is a natural surfactant that helps remove waste that adheres to the intestinal mucosa.

2) Yucca powder is difficult to pass through the epithelial cells of the digestive tract and is not absorbed in the animal intestine, which can delay the passage of the contents of the digestive tract, thereby improving the digestibility.

3) Yucca powder can change the shape of the epithelial cell membrane of the digestive tract, reduce the surface tension of the cell membrane, and promote the absorption of nutrients.

4. Enhance immunity and prevent diseases

Yucca powder has the effect of thickening the intestinal mucosa of animals, can prevent the invasion of certain viruses, inhibit the absorption of nutrients by viruses and harmful bacteria to the digestive tract, and inhibit their proliferation in the digestive tract, while reducing the concentration of ammonia in the barn, reducing Respiratory diseases and avoid resulting animal nervous system disorders.